Prayer For Miami Florida

Join me in praying for Miami Florida. Heavenly Father, We uplift the people who are trapped in the condo building collapse in Miami, Florida. Give strength the the first responders, the rescue dog teams, and medical staff who are trying to rescue and save lives. Provide the necessary water, food, and shelter that are needed… Continue reading Prayer For Miami Florida

Hitting The Rail Trail

Today, we hit the rail trail again. I want to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone. My goal is to ride the entire Dutchess County Rail Trail, but the only way to do that is to get out there and actually ride. I find riding with a friend makes it way easier to… Continue reading Hitting The Rail Trail

Fuzzies Wuzzies

Today, I decided to blog another funny story about our beloved puppies. About three years ago my Dad was in a local nursing home for recovering after having extensive brain surgery and so he could have physical therapy to help him get back in his feet. Obviously, this was also way before any covid restrictions… Continue reading Fuzzies Wuzzies

Donuts & Dogs

It's take your dog to work day! Shadow and I are going to Marist College Library from 2pm to 4pm today to help students distress during finals. This should be interesting! Shadow loves people, but this will be good practice for her should she ever decide to become a therapy dog for anyone else, besides… Continue reading Donuts & Dogs

Who let the dog out?

Isn't this such a cute photo of pup running free as the wind blows? The dog seems to be enjoying the day simply by playing a game of fetch without a care in the world. Why do let ourselves get caught up in the business of the workday? Have we forgotten how to take a… Continue reading Who let the dog out?

BluePath & Autism

Please take time to sign up and vote for BluePath to win $25k from State Farm Neighborhood Assist Contest. BluePath is a dedicated non-profit organization that helps train doggies to assist children who have Autism. BluePath puppies are trained in Hopewell Junction, NY. Thank You for Voting BluePath! For your convenience, here is the link… Continue reading BluePath & Autism