The True Vine

Today’s church service is from Revelation 14 starting at verse 14. Apostle John continues to describe the end of the world. In this section we are faced with the decision of whether we are going to follow Jesus or the world. we must understand that we sow what we reap. There will be no more… Continue reading The True Vine

Our Amazing Planet Earth

Yesterday was Earth Day and some people plant trees in honor of our beloved planet. I think it is amazing how God created our solar system and the thousands of stars and heavens within the Milky Way. Each planet has its purpose and is unique unto itself, as none are the same. Even more amazing… Continue reading Our Amazing Planet Earth

Worship His Majesty

Whenever I see mountains I think of how majestic God was when He created the heavens and Earth. Isn't it amazing how God set in place the moon and the stars in the sky? It is all part of God’s infinite plan, from the birds of the heavens to the fish in the sea. Not… Continue reading Worship His Majesty

God’s Will

Do you love to plan and organize events or things? It's a natural tendency for us to desire perfection, as we want things to go or be a certain way. Then bam you've hit a brick wall and everything falls apart! We often question ”What happen?” or ”Why me?” when things go wrong in order… Continue reading God’s Will