Adjunct Teaching Part 3

During the semester be sure to take attendance each class, know when midterm and final grades are due, and communicate with your students and their college advisors should you see any student start falling behind. Some colleges students have assigned mentors and the college may have specific notification form. Most importantly, do not share any… Continue reading Adjunct Teaching Part 3

Is Silence Golden?

Were you taught that silence is golden? Often times students can easily misconstrue instructions. Ensuring directions are interpreted the right way by the entire class is crucial for teachers especially during final exams. My students are taking finals this week at Mercy College. It is so quiet in the classroom, you can hear a pin… Continue reading Is Silence Golden?

The Final Countdown

This week and next, my students will be taking their final exams. Afterward, I will be busy, entering their final grades. Though for some of my college students it is the final countdown to graduation. For me, it means I have finished both my second semester instructing college undergrads and completed an entire year of… Continue reading The Final Countdown