Fall 2020 Week 12

MSMC students are studying excel the rest of the semester, which includes creating charts, formulas, and functions. We also are reviewing types of Digital Communication, such as blogs, and wikis, and the purpose of netiquette. Some computer topics include crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. We discuss the positives and negatives that come from social media platforms. Marist… Continue reading Fall 2020 Week 12

MIS Week 13

Last week my MIS students are learning about the importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business. We are reviewing the role and types of knowledge management systems along with how they provide value to a firm. What is Knowledge Management? - it refers to the set of business processes developed in an organization… Continue reading MIS Week 13

MIS Week 5

Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it ~ Proverbs 13:11 This week students got to learn how to create budgets for both corporate events and simple computer network systems. Students had to compare hotel accommodations in Miami and airfares from several cities for 200 employees and visitors. The… Continue reading MIS Week 5

Thankful and Grateful

Super Excited to announce that I will be able to teach Management Information Systems, which will be a new course for me next year at Marist College. It will cover more in depth topics in technology along with Microsoft's Excel and Access Databases. I will also be teaching Technology in the 21st Century, which is… Continue reading Thankful and Grateful

Microsoft Sparklines

This month I am teaching my classes how to use Microsoft Excel. One really cool graphic chart feature is called Sparklines. A sparkline is a tiny chart in a worksheet cell that provides a visual representation of data (Source: Support.Office.com). By selecting the data you want to examine and creating a sparkline, this can indicate… Continue reading Microsoft Sparklines

Electronic Spreadsheets

This week the class will be starting to learn MS-Excel, as we finished learning the basics of MS- Word. I thought it be interesting to share with the class a Ted Talk by Dan Bricklin, who actually created the first electronic spreadsheet. The video stresses the importance of creating prototype when designing new ideas to… Continue reading Electronic Spreadsheets