The Tale of Two Cities

This Sunday service was based on Revelation 17 and takes place in the city of Babylon. In the Bible tells us that the entire religious system will fall in the end times. Thus, the reason why we must seek God and learn to only trust Jesus. Those who names are not in the Lamb’s Book… Continue reading The Tale of Two Cities

Who is Your Captain?

Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed ~ Proverbs 15:22 Do you ever plan ahead and think you’re all set to do something and it fails? God instructs is to seek godly counsel with many, so we won’t fail. Because our best laid plan will never succeed without God, but God’s plan… Continue reading Who is Your Captain?


Do you reflect at the end of the year to see if you've met any of your goals? Do you find yourself asking as to what did you accomplished vs. what you didn't. With the New Year around the corner, it's a good time to ponder what else do you want out of life. For… Continue reading Reflections