Christ’s Sacrifice

Today’s church service was from Hebrews 10, where the author shares about God’s sacrifice of Jesus. Salvation is perfect and is for everyone. God for so loved the world, as He sent His only son, Jesus to be our Lord and Savior. We should not be afraid to accept Jesus in your heart. In this… Continue reading Christ’s Sacrifice

Jesus, The Great High Priest

Today’s Sunday Service was from Hebrew 5, where author explains how Jesus was to be a priest for God forever. For 33 and half years Jesus roamed the earth doing signs and wonders. Jesus prayed with us and for us. Jesus learned obedience ceo through the things He suffered. we must remember to listen to… Continue reading Jesus, The Great High Priest

God Forgives

Have you ever made the same mistake twice? There are times that people backslide and mess up no matter how hard we try. Because of sin and temptation, it is inevitable to be perfect. The reason is because the Devil seeks to rob, kill, and destroy God's people. Through repentance of our sins God forgives,… Continue reading God Forgives

Who is GOD?

Who Is God? Exodus 34:1-8 was today’s sermon. God reveals himself to Moses gives him another chance via the 10 Commandments. God’s laws were written to be engraved on 2 tablets of stone, as well as, our hearts and minds. God wants to be known and the object of our faith. God is unchanging and… Continue reading Who is GOD?

What is Truth?

Have you ever one questioned what someone said was truthful? One of the last questions my Dad asked his close Christian friend was, ”What is Truth?” My Dad, being a pastor, I believe was referring to Pontious Pilate question to Jesus during his trial. We know that Pontious Pilate sent Jesus to the Cross, as… Continue reading What is Truth?