Praying For Tornado Victims

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted - Matthew 5:4. Heavenly Father, We come to You, God, with heavy hearts on behalf of the tornado victims in AR, IL, KY, MI, MO, and TN. We uplift those who lost love ones in the recent devastating twister storms. We ask that You, God,… Continue reading Praying For Tornado Victims

A Time to Pray

We can try to be as positive as possible, but the fact remains that hundreds have perished. No matter how much we do our best to do social distancing, more are going to die. I find it very upsetting that family members cannot be with their love one while dying. While the ill are not… Continue reading A Time to Pray

Be A Life Saver, Donate Blood!

Today, I am sharing about the plasma treatment because I truly believe along with other scientists and researchers that it will help save lives suffering from the coronavirus. Except, none of it will work without blood donors like yourself. Thirty years ago, I personally saw plasmapheresis treatment work for my family member suffering from GBS,… Continue reading Be A Life Saver, Donate Blood!

A Prayer for Nashville

In light of this week’s horrific tornado that destroyed the city of Nashville, TN I offer this blog as a time of prayer. I can’t imagine waking up and basically seeing a beautiful city in ruins by weather catastrophe let alone learning that dozens of people perished due to this storm. Let us join in… Continue reading A Prayer for Nashville

Unconditional Love

Being that we celebrate Valentines Day this week I figure I blog about unconditional love. The word love is mentioned 310 times in the KJV Bible. There are several types of love that God referenced in the Bible. My focus is on the kind of that only God gives us, as He loves us with… Continue reading Unconditional Love

Live Generously

Today, I am completing my Thrivent Action Team Project, as I am treating the employees of Unshattered of Hopewell to a free lunch. The girls are working extra hard sewing to fulfill special custom-made handbag orders. What is #Live Generously? It's finding what moves you and to follow your passion. The action team program is… Continue reading Live Generously

A Season of Giving

What was your favorite Christmas toy you received as a child? Was it a bike, a doll, or a video game? As children, Christmas can be a glorious time of receiving lots of gifts, or anxiously awaiting that favorite toy you wished for all year. There is one special gift that no one can out… Continue reading A Season of Giving

The Names of Jesus

What name do you call Jesus? In the Bible from beginning to the end the name of Jesus is mentioned over 1,800. The name of Jesus means, “God is Salvation." Did you know that Jesus has 50 other names in the Bible? One verse that mentions several names of Jesus and often reference at Christmas… Continue reading The Names of Jesus

Hope, Joy, & Peace

What words do you use describe Christmas? The holidays can be a time of solitude for some, as winter sets in on us. Not everything is blissful, for some the season can be stressful due to current situation or dreary for others as they remember times past. What we really need to do is to… Continue reading Hope, Joy, & Peace

My Christmas Elves

Do you ever drive around to look at Christmas lights? I do. What I find is no two houses are decorated alike, as we get closer to celebrating the up coming holidays. However, this time of year is always swamped for any college teacher, as I am preparing finals for students. So for myself in… Continue reading My Christmas Elves