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  • Revelations


    During my last time tutoring, I was asked to review Revelations Chapter 1. Let us review the definition of what Revelation means: 1 a: an act of revealing or communicating divine truth. b: something that is revealed by God to humans (Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary). These verses stood out: Verse 3 Blessed is the one who…

  • Gifts from God

    Gifts from God

    Did you ever want a certain toy, car, cellphone, clothes, job, relationship, or college while growing up? Yet, no matter how much you tried to be good or prayed for it you still never received or achieved it. Recently, I was asked to help Bible tutor from James Chapter 1:1-18. Here are some key verses…

  • Teaching With Purpose

    Teaching With Purpose

    Currently, I am looking to find an additional adjunct teaching job for the Fall. Amazingly, God has been bringing the right contacts into my life to help find other possible teaching opportunities. Recently, one of them shared about these non-profit organizations called, ”Rising Hope Inc” and ”Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison” that encourages…