Snow in May?!

Like snow in summer or rain in harvest, so honor is not fitting for a fool. Proverbs 26:1 It is snowing in NY in middle of May. We just had beautiful 60 degree sunny weather yesterday. We expect the transition of seasons to be normal, but this year so far from it. However, no matter… Continue reading Snow in May?!

Open The Door

I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture - John 10:9. The world is basically on lock down, as we are being restricted to staying at home, working remotely, and students learning online due to the pandemic. We are to practice… Continue reading Open The Door

Have A Heart

Prayer is like air we breathe. Easy to do and it's always available. It's Gods way of drawing us near to Him. God hears the desires of our hearts. Many are suffering and are in need of prayer. Our Heavenly Father is there waiting on us. God is our great physician and almighty healer. We… Continue reading Have A Heart

Renew Your Spirit

This past Saturday I had the honor of attending our church women's luncheon. The topic of the Bible devotion was Renew. Some of the Christian women shared their testimony as to how God has transformed their lives. Each one had gone through very difficult trials and tribulations. Over the years I have found each of… Continue reading Renew Your Spirit

Bread of Life

I never knew there were so many different types of bread before working at the Sam's Club bakery. Bread comes frozen in so many shapes, sizes, and flavors. It's made fresh every day at the club. I also learned that Sam's Club donates bread daily to its local food bank. Fun Bread Facts: Each American… Continue reading Bread of Life

What is Truth?

Have you ever one questioned what someone said was truthful? One of the last questions my Dad asked his close Christian friend was, ”What is Truth?” My Dad, being a pastor, I believe was referring to Pontious Pilate question to Jesus during his trial. We know that Pontious Pilate sent Jesus to the Cross, as… Continue reading What is Truth?