Media Theory Week 11

My Media Theory class will be covering quantitative methods this week, which include content analysis and surveys. The in-class group activity was to compare 1995 comics to 2015 comics and share the differences. Students were asked to examine the comic strip’s content of the setting, the plot, the facial expressions of characters, types of speech… Continue reading Media Theory Week 11

Media Theory Week 10

This week my Media Theory and Methods class will be studying Chapter 10 Ethnomethodology and Chapter 11 Participant Observation. Students are reading about how, ‘Love is a Game’ and how humor can add to a story. Their first group activity include creating a conversation by using Harold Garfinkel’s experiment method on what it is like… Continue reading Media Theory Week 10

Looney Tunes

This world is going plumb crazy! I just read that TV media station CNN has decided to take away Elmer Fudd’s rifle. This is absurd! Last time I read the constitution it states any United States citizen has the right to bare arms. CNN is infringing on Elmer’s constitutional rights to protect and provide for… Continue reading Looney Tunes

Finding Balance

Do you know what the shortest verse is in the Bible? It is found in John 11:35, Jesus Wept. In this passage Jesus cried over the loss of his good friend Lazarus prior to raising him. Jesus also cried out to God before taking on our sins. The Bible doesn’t say per say that Jesus… Continue reading Finding Balance

Survived 1st Day

Yes, I survived the 1st day of the semester! I have lots of new students to get to know and new material to teach. Students are getting settled in and they're anxious to learn. So far, despite a few glitches here and there, we are off to a great start. Ways to survive being a… Continue reading Survived 1st Day

Technology at its Finest!

With the semester winding down and preparing reviews for students so they can try to pass their two-part final exams. I figure it is time for some techy humor, so here is today’s technology at its finest... Even though we used technology every day, but sometimes as the cartoon points out doing things old school… Continue reading Technology at its Finest!