Fall 2020 Week 11

My SUNY Ulster FYE class at Shawangunk will be learning about note-taking skills and test-taking strategies along with what are learning styles. The students are going to discover that each student is different with various strengths and weaknesses. They will also find each student learns differently and at their own pace. One’s learning style can… Continue reading Fall 2020 Week 11

Fall 2020 Week 10

This week my Marist College Digital Toolbox classes are starting to learn to InDesign. Students will be creating a 2 page layout for either a CD Album cover or a Magazine cover. I am also reviewing the 3D Text tool in Photoshop with them. My Technology class will be reviewing digital communications by examining types… Continue reading Fall 2020 Week 10

InDesign Projects

This week students are finishing up creating InDesign Projects. I look forward to seeing their creations of album covers, event flyers, and magazines covers. Plus, students will be also critiquing each other's website as a way to provide feedback for possible improvements. Adobe InDesign introduces new concepts like bleed, margins, and gutters for printing in… Continue reading InDesign Projects