Make this Day Great!

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy - Psalm 126:3. May this Bible verse inspire and motivate you to do something great for someone else other than yourself. Because the Lord has done many wonderful things for you. God will bless you for your compassion and kindness to… Continue reading Make this Day Great!

Faith in Action

A big special "Thank You" goes out to Thrivent for sponsoring my ability to give back to my local community through their Action Team program. Each year I am able to do a little something extra special for those in need. My action team project this month is to go shopping for sewing supplies for… Continue reading Faith in Action

Light of the World

Happy Birthday Jesus! Our Christmas Eve service dwelled on that even when things are dark, there is always light. Jesus is that light, which equals hope. Without any hope no one can succeed. God sent His son Jesus to save us. Jesus hung on the cross to take our sins away. God forgives us, when… Continue reading Light of the World

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Many people still don't know who Jesus is. Some people only visit church two times a year, as Christmas Eve and Easter are the most visited church services throughout the year. This week we, as Christians, celebrate the birth of Christ. In the Bible, Christmas represent when God sent His one and only son, Jesus… Continue reading Happy Birthday Jesus!

The Names of Jesus

What name do you call Jesus? In the Bible from beginning to the end the name of Jesus is mentioned over 1,800. The name of Jesus means, “God is Salvation." Did you know that Jesus has 50 other names in the Bible? One verse that mentions several names of Jesus and often reference at Christmas… Continue reading The Names of Jesus

Count Your Blessings

Have you ever had an appliance break at the worse absolute wrong time? How does it know to go kerplunk at the most inoperable time. Recently, my refrigerator basically leaked all over my kitchen floor. Obviously, this is not an ideal situation for hosting any holiday parties. While the repairman came and fixed several things… Continue reading Count Your Blessings

Hope, Joy, & Peace

What words do you use describe Christmas? The holidays can be a time of solitude for some, as winter sets in on us. Not everything is blissful, for some the season can be stressful due to current situation or dreary for others as they remember times past. What we really need to do is to… Continue reading Hope, Joy, & Peace

Know Jesus, Know Peace

Do you have peace in your life? This week's sermon is from Isaiah 9-12. Chapter 9 is one example of foreshadowing in the Bible of the coming of Christ, our Lord and Savior. Without Jesus we are nothing. We are to serve, praise, and thank Jesus daily for His provision upon our lives. While God… Continue reading Know Jesus, Know Peace

Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing all the Dad’s a Happy Father’s Day! If you can spend time with your father because one day he will be gone. Since my Dad is in heaven, I wish I could hold his Dad's hand one more time, dance around the room with him, give him a big hug and tell him I… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!

Home Socializing Dory

Day 2 of home socialzing GEB GSD Puppy Dory. Joys, puppies have a 5am wake-up call. I now appreciate Shadow's 7am wake-up calls a lot more. Dory is a very active pup, but like any 8-week old pup, they do need naps, just like a toddler. Shadow and Dory are having a blast playing together.… Continue reading Home Socializing Dory