The King of the World

Today’s church sermon was by guest pastor David Guzik. He spoke from Matthew 27 about Pontius Pilate, who was the judge and ruler during the Roman Empire. In verse 11, it covers the second account of when Jesus stood before Pilate, the Roman governor. Pilate sarcastically asked Jesus, “if He was the King of the… Continue reading The King of the World

A King’s Vision

While yesterday our country celebrated Martin Luther King holiday. I like to share a family story that nobody likes to remember, just like this past year. A few years ago, I had the honor and privilege to learned about my extended family and their experienced with the civil rights movement. It took place in July… Continue reading A King’s Vision

The Names of Jesus

What name do you call Jesus? In the Bible from beginning to the end the name of Jesus is mentioned over 1,800. The name of Jesus means, “God is Salvation." Did you know that Jesus has 50 other names in the Bible? One verse that mentions several names of Jesus and often reference at Christmas… Continue reading The Names of Jesus