Creating a Lesson Plan

As an adjunct Professor, you will need to create a tentative lesson plan for your course syllabus. I say tentative because anything can happen, ie. we just seen a pandemic rearrange our entire schedules. Depending on the textbook you choose, some authors provide a outline for lessons with assignments that correspond with each chapter. Most… Continue reading Creating a Lesson Plan

Freedom of Expression

Cancel Culture has struck again saying there are 6 Dr. Seuss books deemed inappropriate for young children. In my opinion this is infringing on our freedom of expression just like old time book burning. Where is the right to choose what we want to read or write anymore? Parents should be able to decide for… Continue reading Freedom of Expression

Never Stop Learning

Are you the type of person who loved school or dreaded it? For me, I was always the curious kid who liked school and discovering new things. As an adult, I am still that cyber geeky girl who amazed by what computers can do. I find being a college professor is challenging, yet very rewarding.… Continue reading Never Stop Learning