Final Instructions

Today’s Sunday service was from Hebrews 13. What a person believes is to follow. The world is watching Christian believes. The world is shaking lately with mass shooting lately. People are empty inside. In chapter 13, Jesus explains how we are to live one another. we are to praise our Heavenly Father. We need to… Continue reading Final Instructions

Faith Over Fear

Blessed be the name of the Lord from this time forth and forevermore! Psalms 113:2. Today’s service is from Hebrews 11: 17-19. This chapter describes how our faith needs to replace fear. God working out everything for good. God is in control of our situation. It reveals how Abraham followed Jesus wholeheartedly. We need to… Continue reading Faith Over Fear

Finding The Key Part 1

Listening to the Session 3 podcast, which is listed below is about Finding the Key to a successful marriage. The group leaders covered the scriptures that covered how each of us should walk with God, as well as, how to be a either a godly husband or wife. We need to learn what each other’s… Continue reading Finding The Key Part 1

God’s Love

This month I am listening to Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley’s YouTube podcasts on marriage. I want to hear what the group leaders have to say about God’s love in regards to relationships. I found Session 1 quite interesting in that the speakers discussed that before we can love one another we must first… Continue reading God’s Love

Back to the Basics vs. Woke Cirriculum

In the news, there has been a lot of controversy over “WOKE” curriculum and what should be taught to today’s youth. In my opinion, Yes, we should cover the definition of the issues that create bias, identity, gender inequality, racism, stereotypes, and violence. As educators, we need to encourage anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion early on,… Continue reading Back to the Basics vs. Woke Cirriculum

Have a Blessed Mother’s Day!

To all the mom’s out there Happy Mother’s Day!Here are two digital media links that I like to around this time, in remembrance of my beloved Mom. The 1st link is one of my Dad’s last sermons where he gives honor to his beloved wife, our mom and his Mom, our grandmothers. All three were… Continue reading Have a Blessed Mother’s Day!

A King’s Vision

While yesterday our country celebrated Martin Luther King holiday. I like to share a family story that nobody likes to remember, just like this past year. A few years ago, I had the honor and privilege to learned about my extended family and their experienced with the civil rights movement. It took place in July… Continue reading A King’s Vision

Enough is Enough

Hug Someone Today! This photo says it all! Enough covid.Enough politics.Enough censorship. Enough violence.Enough hate. Enough masks. Enough 2020! Wouldn’t you rather have ... More peace. More healing.More income. More vaccines. More love.More jobs.More education. More 2021. More American! More Jesus!

Furever Friends

Today, I was informed that Lexi, our beloved furever friend, crossed rainbow bridge yesterday. I am a bit beside myself, as Lexi was literally just visiting with us in NY from VA. She was a very smart and friendly pup. Lexi brought our family, so much joy during the most difficult times. It was if… Continue reading Furever Friends

Celebrate Independence Day!

Happy 4ty of July! May this be a day of celebration of the United States of America. May we all show honor and respect across the country to our great nation. I pray we can put away our differences and show godly love to one another. After all, we all bleed the same color. Today,… Continue reading Celebrate Independence Day!