Media 101 Week 15

Yes, this Friday is the last day of classes, which means next week is final exams for students. This week’s Media 101 class is also covering how mass media affects the world globally. We discussed how the digital divide hinders the ability to communicate to everyone. We reviewed how foreign authoritative government’s often control their… Continue reading Media 101 Week 15

Media 101 Week 10

This week’s Media class is learning about the history of advertising and how persuasive images are used to convince others to purchase products and services. The actual barter trading system has been in play since the beginning of time. Centuries later, persuasive advertising is still happening. It quickly expanded digitally via the internet and sometimes… Continue reading Media 101 Week 10

Media 101 Week 3

This week my class will be reviewing print media. We will discuss how the publishing industry evolved over time by going from newspapers to digital media. Students will be reading two articles on whether Google has made us smarter or dumber. Next, they will examine the Project Guetenberg website by reviewing short stories from 1920’s.… Continue reading Media 101 Week 3

Library Literacy Day 4

Today's class the students will learn how to write an annotated bibliography for a scholarly journal. Yesterday the class practice creating a citation for academic books. We covered what the differences are between scholarly journals and popular magazine articles. For Day 4 there is a quiz on information literacy to see what they have learned… Continue reading Library Literacy Day 4

Research Topics

The students will be asked to do a team research project based upon a certain topic that highly affects our society. The five topics include: Homelessness Drop Out Rates Religion and Education Inequality Wealth The featured photo below is of the five scholarly books that will be distributed to the teams as part of their… Continue reading Research Topics