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  • Finding The Key Part 2

    Finding The Key Part 2

    Continuing to listen to Session 4 podcast called Finding the Key Part 2 today. We are walk in light and love by following Jesus. These days things are a bit corrupt, so we need to wise with what we are doing especially in marriage. Recap: Part 1 covered ways to meet each other’s needs. God…

  • Finding The Key Part 1

    Finding The Key Part 1

    Listening to the Session 3 podcast, which is listed below is about Finding the Key to a successful marriage. The group leaders covered the scriptures that covered how each of us should walk with God, as well as, how to be a either a godly husband or wife. We need to learn what each other’s…

  • God’s Love

    God’s Love

    This month I am listening to Calvary Chapel of the Hudson Valley’s YouTube podcasts on marriage. I want to hear what the group leaders have to say about God’s love in regards to relationships. I found Session 1 quite interesting in that the speakers discussed that before we can love one another we must first…