New Year, New Force

Happy New Year! It seems around this time each year one thing happens a new Star Wars movie is released. Whoever think that this science fiction saga would run this long. The battle between good and evil still rages on the big screen. Yet, while we sit in movie theater in awe of Star Wars,… Continue reading New Year, New Force

Happy Birthday USA!

I saw the coolest construction sign on the way home from work tonight. It read: Happy Birthday USA! Wow, America is 243 years old. I am so grateful for the brave soldiers who protect our nation's freedom. It did not come without great sacrifice. While celebrating the 4th of July fireworks festivities, remember to thank… Continue reading Happy Birthday USA!

D-Day & West Point Prayer

Thank you to those in our military armed forces who served our country 75 years ago on D-Day. Asking God to continue to bless these soldiers and their families during this time of remembrance. I also uplift the USMA West Point cadets who were injured in today’s truck accident during summer training camp. I especially… Continue reading D-Day & West Point Prayer

Fly like an Eagle

Today is Memorial Day, which is a day of remembrance of those who served and to honor those who are in the military. These brave men and women bravely place their life on the line daily protect the United States of America. Be sure to thank a veteran! Did you know the word ’eagle’ is… Continue reading Fly like an Eagle

Hometown Heroes

Happy Memorial Weekend! This entry is dedicated to our Dad, SSG. Robert Wisor, who served in the US Army during the Vietnam Era from 1956 to 1963. Dad bravely served at Ft, Dix in NJ, Ft. Knox in KY, and Aberdeen Proving Ground in MD. Years later our Dad, became a pastor and he would… Continue reading Hometown Heroes

Happy Birthday America!

This week we celebrate America's birthday. On July 4th, 1776, our Forefathers founded the Declaration of Independence, so that we could be one nation under God. Because of them, each of us has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Bible states in Genesis 12:2 - And I will make of… Continue reading Happy Birthday America!