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  • MIS Week 11

    MIS Week 11

    My college classes resumes this week. It is big opportunity for me, as I go from teaching in the classroom to teaching online. I know my Internet connection and collaboration software are good to go, as I practiced with several different ones. Most of all, I hope that my pup doesn’t interrupt my online WebEx…

  • Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality

    This week in class, I am covering several in-depth technological concepts. One subject is computer networks, which can be set-up and used either wired or wireless. Computer Networks are set-up either client/server based or peer-2-peer, known as P2P. Most college networks are considered a WAN – a wide area network. Another topic is ’Net Neutrality’.…

  • Operating Systems

    Operating Systems

    In week 5, the class is studying different operating systems that are required for a computer to work, such as MS-Windows, Linux, or Mac OS 10. They’re also being taught about how to protect a computer using various utility programs like antivirus software, as well as, how to use Microsoft Windows’s built-in features that are…