Hills and Valleys

Are you stuck in a valley? Life is usually great while we are sitting on top of a hill and then without warning, you can fall into a deep valley of despair. Valleys are often dark and scary it can seem like there is no way out. May these Bible verses teach you to to… Continue reading Hills and Valleys


We all know that April showers bring May flowers. Last few weeks the flowers and trees are beautifully blooming now that its Springtime. Amazing how God created different seasons for us to enjoy. We eagerly await spring because it changes our outside landscape into vibrant colors all around us. It's incredible hearing the new baby… Continue reading Springtime

Adjunct Teaching

This month I have been gearing up to teach this Fall at Mercy College. I am learning how to set up my virtual Blackboard and Pearson MyITLab. I am so excited to teach college students and help them to learn Technology in Action and MS-Office 2016. A Special 'Thank You' goes out to my Professor… Continue reading Adjunct Teaching