Media Theory Week 10

This week my Media Theory and Methods class will be studying Chapter 10 Ethnomethodology and Chapter 11 Participant Observation. Students are reading about how, ‘Love is a Game’ and how humor can add to a story. Their first group activity include creating a conversation by using Harold Garfinkel’s experiment method on what it is like… Continue reading Media Theory Week 10

Media 101 Week 10

This week’s Media class is learning about the history of advertising and how persuasive images are used to convince others to purchase products and services. The actual barter trading system has been in play since the beginning of time. Centuries later, persuasive advertising is still happening. It quickly expanded digitally via the internet and sometimes… Continue reading Media 101 Week 10

Media 101 Week 5

This week we are covering the history of photography and film. Students are learning how altering images is an ethical issue of stretching the truth. In this chapter, we discussed the issues of using green screens to create 3D graphics and motion, we discussed that tv companies should not glamorize acts of violence, and lastly… Continue reading Media 101 Week 5

Fall 2020 Week 14

My Marist Digital Toolbox students are finishing up their two minute Adobe Premiere Rush video project and a course reflection paper. My technology class isn’t meeting this week due to holiday schedule. They’re are working on creating portfolio video resumes. My MSMC students will not be meeting this week due to the college is running… Continue reading Fall 2020 Week 14

Principles of Design

My Marist College's Digital Toolbox class is covering the different digital design principles. The class is learning The basics of Photoshop as they created mood boards last week and this week they will be designing wireframes of their website. Adobe Photoshop has excellent tutorials which the students are also reviewing on their own during lab… Continue reading Principles of Design