The second week of web design class, I had students create a mood board to reflect their personal portfolio website. It was to include colors, typography, photos, textures, patterns, and anything miscellaneous that the student wants to consider including into their site. What is a Mood Board and how useful is it? is actually best… Continue reading Moodboards

Fall 2020 Week 5

My Marists’s Digital Toolbox classes are busy creating photoshop collages. We covered how the eraser tool and changing the opacity level can blend images together using Photoshop. It is amazing to see their creativity at work through their designs. They will be adding their collage projects to their WordPress website. I am encouraging students to… Continue reading Fall 2020 Week 5

Photo Collages

This week in my digital art class students are creating photo collages. It is really amazing to see how they challenge themselves to do harder tutorials Photoshop projects. They are given the chance to apply the different design principles they have learned as well. Next, we will be moving into InDesign for a digital print… Continue reading Photo Collages