Web Design Week 3

This week students will covering Chapter 2 and learning how to code html web templates. Students will be completing several exercises in class to learn the html5 semantics elements. Semantics means those elements that have meaning to a web designer or web developer. The four basic semantics are: header, nav for navigation, main, and footer.… Continue reading Web Design Week 3

Creating a Lesson Plan

As an adjunct Professor, you will need to create a tentative lesson plan for your course syllabus. I say tentative because anything can happen, ie. we just seen a pandemic rearrange our entire schedules. Depending on the textbook you choose, some authors provide a outline for lessons with assignments that correspond with each chapter. Most… Continue reading Creating a Lesson Plan

God’s Will

Do you love to plan and organize events or things? It's a natural tendency for us to desire perfection, as we want things to go or be a certain way. Then bam you've hit a brick wall and everything falls apart! We often question ”What happen?” or ”Why me?” when things go wrong in order… Continue reading God’s Will