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  • Media Theory Week 5

    Media Theory Week 5

    This week in my Media Theory class is covering the Karl Marxist’s theory of Capitalism and how the conflict theory affects the mass media. Students will be analyzing The Hunger Games movie based on a Marxist’s ideology viewpoint to see how class systems works in film. Chapter 5 Focus Questions: Ideology – is defined as…

  • Media Theory Week 4

    Media Theory Week 4

    This week my Media Theory class is studying Rhetoric. We covered Aristotle’s philosophy of rhetoric 3 branches, which are ethos, logos, and pathos. Students will be analyzing rhetoric used in political advertisements. We discussed the art of persuasion found in capitalism. Here are Chapter 4 focus questions: How does Aristotle define rhetoric? What are its…

  • Lessons Learned

    Lessons Learned

    After teaching two sessions of Library Literacy, I learned more about 5 assigned topics from my students, which were: School DropOut Rate, Homeless, Wealth and Inequality, Religion and Law, along with Race and Education. While there was some improvements made, but these issues above are still very relevant in our society today. Most of these…