Fall 2020 Week 12

MSMC students are studying excel the rest of the semester, which includes creating charts, formulas, and functions. We also are reviewing types of Digital Communication, such as blogs, and wikis, and the purpose of netiquette. Some computer topics include crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. We discuss the positives and negatives that come from social media platforms. Marist… Continue reading Fall 2020 Week 12

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

Did you know that new version of MS-Office's PowerPoint 2019 has some new features such as drawing capabilities and storyboard features? I discovered these two new features on Microsoft's PowerPoint ribbon upon giving a demo last week to my students. I was like "WOW", wait, oh cool, what's this? Here's how these new features work:… Continue reading Microsoft PowerPoint 2019

PowerPoint Presenter

This week my classes at Mercy College are learning Microsoft PowerPoint. Did you know that this software application has its own Presenter feature? By clicking Alt-F5 the built-in presenter will pop up to assist you in making your presentation even better. Did you know you can view your notes for each slide side by side… Continue reading PowerPoint Presenter

Grading Papers

Well, it's almost the end of the semester and it seems like we are in the home stretch. I find myself immersed in grading term research papers and PowerPoint presentations. Besides the grading papers against the course rubric, I find Blackboard's Safe Assign App, a godsend. It verifies if a student has plagiarized any part… Continue reading Grading Papers

PowerPoint Presentations

This week my students are presenting their term research projects via MS-PowerPoint. Let's discuss what are good presentations practices to use: 7 Tips for Making a Good Presentation How to Create an MS-PowerPoint Presentation Top 5 Beginner Mistakes in PowerPoint While I am unable to share students their term research projects, it is to be… Continue reading PowerPoint Presentations