Media 101 Week 12

This week’s media class is about communication law that regulates the media. Students discovered Hollywood’s Hays Code, which highly censored movies from 1922 to 1968. Since then, we have the Motion Picture Association of America’s film rating system (MPAA), which is based upon age appropriation. The class also reviewed the NYTimes vs. Sullivan case from… Continue reading Media 101 Week 12

Media 101 Week 11

This week’s media class topic is Media Ethics. Students will be reviewing the philosophy of categorical imperative by Kant. We will also covering both the Golden rule and the Golden mean. While we have laws and rules to help govern us, but everyone has their own moral compass. Media, advertising, and the news can easily… Continue reading Media 101 Week 11

MIS Week 4

This week’s MIS lesson covers the issue of internet privacy for companies, employees, and customers face online. How accountable are businesses as to what happens if data is lost, stolen, or breached? Company Marketing departments must either allow a user to either opt-in to receive email subscriptions or provide the ability to opt-out by unsubscribing… Continue reading MIS Week 4

Internet Privacy

Have you ever played the game "Chicken" as a kid? Well, here is your chance to play "Chicken", as an adult. Click the link below to play "The Privacy Chicken Game", which is a fun interactive game for students to learn about internet privacy.  The internet highway is great for connecting and collaboration, but… Continue reading Internet Privacy

Application Software

For week 4, students are learning about different types of applications software that are used in various industries and what are the basic requirements for it to run on a computer system. Basically, there are two types of software, which are Open Source and Closed Source, which is known as Proprietary software. Let's define terms:… Continue reading Application Software