Interested in Adjunct Teaching? Part 1

Once you have completed your masters degree you can teach at any college or university. I often get asked, “Where to start as an adjunct teacher?” Here’s how to become an adjunct teacher: Prior to searching for teaching job have the following information: a cover letter, a current resume, a copy of your original college… Continue reading Interested in Adjunct Teaching? Part 1

The Teacher’s Pet

This past week, I decided to have some fun with my classes, as I let Shadow my beloved German Shepherd girl pup greet my students on Zoom. I figured it be a great way to help them decompress before having to take midterms. Pup was well received by the students and was very good at… Continue reading The Teacher’s Pet

3 Ways To Be A Better Professor

The news recently reported that there is a huge rise in the number of suicide, self harm, and missing students due to the pandemic. Issues students are faced with: feelings of anxiety from being isolated, having to go for frequent covid testing, struggling with learning remotely, or even grieving the loss of a loved one… Continue reading 3 Ways To Be A Better Professor

Pray for Change

Pray for colleges to remove the 3 class limit cap; so that adjunct professors like myself could actually make a decent living teaching. Colleges state the cap is due to the Affordable Care Act, which states if you work more than 30 hours at any company, they must provide medical benefits. This cap causes adjunct… Continue reading Pray for Change

Adjunct Professor

Do you like to teach others? I enjoy sharing my technology knowledge to local college students. It is amazing watching students grasp digital literacy and gain useful computer skills to further their educational journey and future careers. One thing to consider is that adjunct professors are only allowed to teach no more than 3 courses… Continue reading Adjunct Professor

Teaching Others

Say hello to Professor Wisor! Never did I think I become an adjunct teacher, but so far God is opening doors for me to go in this direction. During my time on unemployment besides filling out endless applications and going on interviews, I have been helping out with different ministries at church. I also volunteer… Continue reading Teaching Others