Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want - Psalm 23:1. We continue to stay at home isolated and quarantined to save lives. Medical staff and those with essential jobs are becoming worn out. Many of the elderly are alone either in a hospital or a nursing home. In some cities crime is becoming… Continue reading Psalm 23

Worship His Majesty

Whenever I see mountains I think of how majestic God was when He created the heavens and Earth. Isn't it amazing how God set in place the moon and the stars in the sky? It is all part of God’s infinite plan, from the birds of the heavens to the fish in the sea. Not… Continue reading Worship His Majesty

Fully Rely On God

Growing up summer nights in the country meant time to catch lightning bugs, making smores around the campfire, and listening to the chorus of the wildlife in the woods. Lately, the craziest thing is the big frog who hops in my pool to go swimming. Please don't worry we saved the frog every time, so… Continue reading Fully Rely On God