Little Miss Daring Dory

For Day 3 Little Miss Daring Dory climbed up the flight of house stairs all by herself and is getting more comfortable with going down the porch stairs. Miss Dory loves exploring the great outdoors. So far Dory doesn't like grates as she prefers to go around it. She enjoyed chasing her great Aunt Super… Continue reading Little Miss Daring Dory

Home Socializing Dory

Day 2 of home socialzing GEB GSD Puppy Dory. Joys, puppies have a 5am wake-up call. I now appreciate Shadow's 7am wake-up calls a lot more. Dory is a very active pup, but like any 8-week old pup, they do need naps, just like a toddler. Shadow and Dory are having a blast playing together.… Continue reading Home Socializing Dory

My Shadow found Dory!

Welcome Dory to my blog, as I am home socializing her for Guiding Eyes for the Blind this weekend. Dory is 8 weeks old and is the sweetest German Shepherd pup. My dog Shadow is so excited to have a pup to play with, so far they are getting along great. Shadow keeps tabs on… Continue reading My Shadow found Dory!

Who let the dog out?

Isn't this such a cute photo of pup running free as the wind blows? The dog seems to be enjoying the day simply by playing a game of fetch without a care in the world. Why do let ourselves get caught up in the business of the workday? Have we forgotten how to take a… Continue reading Who let the dog out?

IBM Watson & Puppies

My CISC 120 classes will have the privilege of meeting guest speaker Lorraine Trapani from IBM Watson and Keaton her trained guide dog. The students will learn about IBM’s New2Blue program and the partnership between IBM Watson and Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB). IBM Watson is collecting a lot of statistical data on puppies… Continue reading IBM Watson & Puppies