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  • Web Design for Nonprofits

    Web Design for Nonprofits

    Today, I had an awesome guest speaker for my Mercy College web design students, Gail Orser from Strategies for Organizational Success LLC, to speak about her professional experience working with non-profits. She shared about the importance of creating a good mission and vision statements along with the need for nonprofits to develop SMART Goals for…

  • The CRAAP Test

    The CRAAP Test

    My technology classes had the honor of learning more about information literacy by using the CRAAP test this week. The CRAAP test helps a student to determine if any source is good to use for their research papers. The students must decide based on the following criteria: Is the material Current, is it Relevant, by…

  • Adjunct Professor

    Adjunct Professor

    Do you like to teach others? I enjoy sharing my technology knowledge to local college students. It is amazing watching students grasp digital literacy and gain useful computer skills to further their educational journey and future careers. One thing to consider is that adjunct professors are only allowed to teach no more than 3 courses…