Media Theory Week 13

This week in my Media Theory class we are finishing up with the textbook. We will be discussing the fallacies found when doing research and how to put a research paper all together. For homework, students will be asked to write a course reflection paper. Students will continue working on their final research paper, which… Continue reading Media Theory Week 13

Is Silence Golden?

Were you taught that silence is golden? Often times students can easily misconstrue instructions. Ensuring directions are interpreted the right way by the entire class is crucial for teachers especially during final exams. My students are taking finals this week at Mercy College. It is so quiet in the classroom, you can hear a pin… Continue reading Is Silence Golden?

What’s the Right Question?

Yesterday I attended a teacher conference at Mercy College. The guest speaker was Andrew Minigan from Right Questions We did a fun group activity to learn how to ask the right questions as a teacher to their students. We learned to ask both closed short answer questions and open ended questions in order to… Continue reading What’s the Right Question?