Tymor Park

Today, I took a much needed break from grading papers to take Shadow to Tymor Park in Lagrangeville, NY. It was an absolutely a beautiful day to drive and get together with friends. We watched their husbands play a of game of Gaelic (GAA) football, which is like the sport of rugby. It is my… Continue reading Tymor Park

Freedom of Expression

Cancel Culture has struck again saying there are 6 Dr. Seuss books deemed inappropriate for young children. In my opinion this is infringing on our freedom of expression just like old time book burning. Where is the right to choose what we want to read or write anymore? Parents should be able to decide for… Continue reading Freedom of Expression

Media 101 Week 3

This week my class will be reviewing print media. We will discuss how the publishing industry evolved over time by going from newspapers to digital media. Students will be reading two articles on whether Google has made us smarter or dumber. Next, they will examine the Project Guetenberg website by reviewing short stories from 1920’s.… Continue reading Media 101 Week 3

Library Research

This week my technology students will have the pleasure of learning about the Marist College library. As a college students knowing how to do proper research is key to writing successful term papers. Not only does a student write a paper, but it must be in proper format either MLA or APA. As a college… Continue reading Library Research

God Reigns

Recently in our town, someone(s) destroyed a huge cross that was always lit. It stood way up on a hill and had been there for many years. At night, the cross could be seen for miles from one of the main highways. Ironically, the destruction of this cross doesn't stop God nor His people. If… Continue reading God Reigns

Library Literacy Day 4

Today's class the students will learn how to write an annotated bibliography for a scholarly journal. Yesterday the class practice creating a citation for academic books. We covered what the differences are between scholarly journals and popular magazine articles. For Day 4 there is a quiz on information literacy to see what they have learned… Continue reading Library Literacy Day 4

5 Things to do on Spring Break

Yes, Spring Break is finally here and as a student or an adjunct teacher like myself, you might on a tight budget. While catching up on sleep is important, there are other things in life you can do without breaking the bank. Here are 5 things you can do on Spring Break: Go hiking up… Continue reading 5 Things to do on Spring Break