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  • Finding The Key Part 2

    Finding The Key Part 2

    Continuing to listen to Session 4 podcast called Finding the Key Part 2 today. We are walk in light and love by following Jesus. These days things are a bit corrupt, so we need to wise with what we are doing especially in marriage. Recap: Part 1 covered ways to meet each other’s needs. God…

  • A Reservation For Heaven

    A Reservation For Heaven

    Have you ever needed to make a last minute reservation for your bucket list’s vacation only to find out that the flight or hotel is all booked up? Heaven, is one and only place that is open to everyone. In fact, if you’re a believer, then God has already prepared your room, as it is…

  • Gifts from God

    Gifts from God

    Did you ever want a certain toy, car, cellphone, clothes, job, relationship, or college while growing up? Yet, no matter how much you tried to be good or prayed for it you still never received or achieved it. Recently, I was asked to help Bible tutor from James Chapter 1:1-18. Here are some key verses…

  • Rejoice & Press On!

    Rejoice & Press On!

    Rejoice and Press On – Psalm 34