Where is God?

The rejection of Christ existed years ago in the Book of Psalms, but it is still very prevalent today. How can we reach others for Christ, especially when people’s walls are up and their hearts are harden. The world tells us we need this or that, but in retrospect all we truly need is Jesus.… Continue reading Where is God?

Celebrate Independence Day!

Happy 4ty of July! May this be a day of celebration of the United States of America. May we all show honor and respect across the country to our great nation. I pray we can put away our differences and show godly love to one another. After all, we all bleed the same color. Today,… Continue reading Celebrate Independence Day!

Snow in May?!

Like snow in summer or rain in harvest, so honor is not fitting for a fool. Proverbs 26:1 It is snowing in NY in middle of May. We just had beautiful 60 degree sunny weather yesterday. We expect the transition of seasons to be normal, but this year so far from it. However, no matter… Continue reading Snow in May?!

Unconditional Love

Being that we celebrate Valentines Day this week I figure I blog about unconditional love. The word love is mentioned 310 times in the KJV Bible. There are several types of love that God referenced in the Bible. My focus is on the kind of that only God gives us, as He loves us with… Continue reading Unconditional Love

Prison Education

Tonight, I completed my 2nd summer session. It actually my 3rd time teaching inmates and 1st time inside Sing Sing Prison Program. It is interesting to see how different prisons are built and what type of technology is available to their college students. It takes tremendous dedication and commitment for these students even to get… Continue reading Prison Education

Happy Father’s Day!

Wishing all the Dad’s a Happy Father’s Day! If you can spend time with your father because one day he will be gone. Since my Dad is in heaven, I wish I could hold his Dad's hand one more time, dance around the room with him, give him a big hug and tell him I… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day!

Ivory Palaces

In honor of my Mom’s birthday today, I am sharing the meaning of her favorite hymn Ivory Palaces by Henry Barraclough with you. The song’s Bible verse is: Psalm 45:8 All thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia, out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad. Our Mom dedicated her life to Christ, as… Continue reading Ivory Palaces

Virtuous Women

I like to take the time to wish everyone a ”Happy Mother's Day!” A friend told me one day that, ”No one will ever love you like your Mother”, and I found this to be so true. I hope you will enjoy listening to one of my favorite sermons called, Virtuous Women by Rev. Dr.… Continue reading Virtuous Women

Live to be a Blessing

Unfortunately, I experienced bullying in a past work environment. Learning what people truly thought of me was very disheartening. Up to now, nobody knows this, but me. Please know that absolutely no one has the right to bully or intimidate others while at work, but it happens daily to employees. It is every manager's job… Continue reading Live to be a Blessing

Home Stretch

Yes, we are in the home stretch with less than 7 weeks away from finishing this semester. Teaching technology inside prison is vastly different than in a traditional classroom on a college campus. One must pass security's fingerprinting, id background checks to obtain prior approval along with an in-depth interview. The biggest challenge for students… Continue reading Home Stretch