A New Heaven

In the last two chapters of Revelations 21 and 22 God reveals a new heaven. Apostle John describes a new heaven as the most beautiful place. Our greatest experience here on earth will never compare to heaven. God has gone and prepared a place for us that will have no more tears, illness, death, or… Continue reading A New Heaven

The Great White Throne Judgement

Today’s Sunday service was based on Revelation 20. In this chapter, God reveals that judgement day is coming, but no one knows the day. Jesus was sent to earth to tell us there is a heaven and a hell. It is better to believe in Jesus than the world. If you do not believe, then… Continue reading The Great White Throne Judgement

Get Right With God

This Sunday service is from Revelation 18. In this chapter we learn that the city of Babylon is destroyed and the Anti-Christ is worshipped by the world. Verse 2 describes how dark the city of Babylon is and later in verse 8 reveals it will fall. Just like the cities of Sodom and Gomorra all… Continue reading Get Right With God

The Tale of Two Cities

This Sunday service was based on Revelation 17 and takes place in the city of Babylon. In the Bible tells us that the entire religious system will fall in the end times. Thus, the reason why we must seek God and learn to only trust Jesus. Those who names are not in the Lamb’s Book… Continue reading The Tale of Two Cities

Judgement is Coming!

This Sunday sermon is from Revelation 15 and 16. In these chapters, John the apostle describes the 7 bowls of wrath on the Earth that will come in the end times. God directs 7 angels to pour out His wrath on the world and on those who do not follow Jesus. We must remember that… Continue reading Judgement is Coming!

Revelation 13

This chapter describes the anti-Christ, the man of sin, the beast. God sees this person who reflects Satan, Lucifer. In this chapter John explains how the Antichrist will try to destroy the world. As believers, we won’t be here for this lawlessness, but we need to know that it will occur. The Holy Spirit is… Continue reading Revelation 13

Revelation 3 Part C

John, the disciples, writes to the Church of Philadelphia. He shares how we are to emulate the perfect church. God wants churches back then and today to have an open door to all people. God reveals to John that Jesus is the key to David. We can only reach heaven by accepting Christ as our… Continue reading Revelation 3 Part C