Run, Hide, Fight

Unfortunately, gun violence is on the rise, as it is happening everywhere not just in colleges or schools, but also in shopping malls and movie theaters across our country. Did you know that there are approximately 120 gun deaths a day reported in the United States this year alone? (Source: Today, I wanted to… Continue reading Run, Hide, Fight

Your Time To Run

Today's guest speaker was Pastor Jack Beenlen. The sermon was from the scripture passage: Hebrews 12:1-4. Here are the 4 points from today's sermon: Get rid of the weight of sin that slows you down. Focus on Jesus to avoid obstacles. Consider what Jesus went through to give you life. Run to win the race… Continue reading Your Time To Run

Little Miss Daring Dory

For Day 3 Little Miss Daring Dory climbed up the flight of house stairs all by herself and is getting more comfortable with going down the porch stairs. Miss Dory loves exploring the great outdoors. So far Dory doesn't like grates as she prefers to go around it. She enjoyed chasing her great Aunt Super… Continue reading Little Miss Daring Dory