Media Theory Week 14

This week students presented their research projects to the class. Most students included a survey with quantitative results as part of their PowerPoint, as a way to help prove their thesis. Several also included their literature review as part of their presentation. Some students found interesting case studies to incorporate into their research. A few… Continue reading Media Theory Week 14

Information Literacy

I just finished teaching an 8 week course on Library Literacy for SUNY Ulster via Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prisons. Students learnt how to properly cite sources using the MLA style format. This course also covered the 7 pillars of Information Literacy, which are: 1. Plan, 2. Purpose, 3. Location, 4. Identification, 5.… Continue reading Information Literacy

Library Literacy Day 4

Today's class the students will learn how to write an annotated bibliography for a scholarly journal. Yesterday the class practice creating a citation for academic books. We covered what the differences are between scholarly journals and popular magazine articles. For Day 4 there is a quiz on information literacy to see what they have learned… Continue reading Library Literacy Day 4

Research Topics

The students will be asked to do a team research project based upon a certain topic that highly affects our society. The five topics include: Homelessness Drop Out Rates Religion and Education Inequality Wealth The featured photo below is of the five scholarly books that will be distributed to the teams as part of their… Continue reading Research Topics