Freedom Isn’t Free

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13 I am trying to understand why we are allowing big media tech companies like Twitter to censor good American citizens. For example from July 4th, Sam Brown, a retired Army Captain, tweeted “Freedom Isn’t Free”. His tweet… Continue reading Freedom Isn’t Free

Cobol Programmers Wanted!

IBM is looking for Cobol Programmers, so last night I decided to look up some names on LinkedIn, and so we will see what happens. I know that my father, Robert Wisor, worked to develop the COBOL business module. Somebody out there must remember his name, as it would of been a team effort of… Continue reading Cobol Programmers Wanted!

Our Nation is Under God

Today, I keep hearing very large airplanes in the sky as I write this blog. I hope it’s National Guard at Stewart International Airport bringing medical staff and medical supplies to NYC. I pray for their safety as they serve on the front lines for us. I pray for our nation to strengthen our resolve,… Continue reading Our Nation is Under God

A Prayer for Nashville

In light of this week’s horrific tornado that destroyed the city of Nashville, TN I offer this blog as a time of prayer. I can’t imagine waking up and basically seeing a beautiful city in ruins by weather catastrophe let alone learning that dozens of people perished due to this storm. Let us join in… Continue reading A Prayer for Nashville

Why I teach in Prisons

I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me ~ Matthew 25:36 The other day, I came across my father’s certificate from a local prison for his pastoral service. My father often expressed to me that education lowers recidivism… Continue reading Why I teach in Prisons

MIS Week 2

This week we are studying global e-commerce and what a manager's role is in the decision making process whether they're working in a small business or a large corporation. We are examining the four types of MIS, which are: TSP transactional, MIS managerial DSS decisional, and ESS executive. Due to advances in technology, there is… Continue reading MIS Week 2

In Remembrance of MLK

Today, is Martin Luther King day. A great servant leader who stood up against injustice. Thank you, Rev. Dr. King, for what you did for the civil rights movement and education. Everyone is entitled to equality. May future generations learn to volunteer and serve others by your example.

Faith in Action

A big special "Thank You" goes out to Thrivent for sponsoring my ability to give back to my local community through their Action Team program. Each year I am able to do a little something extra special for those in need. My action team project this month is to go shopping for sewing supplies for… Continue reading Faith in Action

Hometown Heroes

Happy Memorial Weekend! This entry is dedicated to our Dad, SSG. Robert Wisor, who served in the US Army during the Vietnam Era from 1956 to 1963. Dad bravely served at Ft, Dix in NJ, Ft. Knox in KY, and Aberdeen Proving Ground in MD. Years later our Dad, became a pastor and he would… Continue reading Hometown Heroes

Recognition Awards

Does your employer take time to recognize the company's employees hard work? Do you as a teacher or parent take time to praise your students or children after completing their homework or chores on time? To help others to stay innovative and motivated, it is important to notice ones' talents. This, in turn, creates a… Continue reading Recognition Awards