Web Design Week 12

This week’s web design class will be learning how to add social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter, to a website. Each team will be asked to include at least two media sites into their nonprofit site. Social media marketing can benefit a website, as it helps usually increases traffic back… Continue reading Web Design Week 12

Media 101 Week 7

This week my media students are studying the impact of social media. One class activity included researching various communication platforms and the company’s policies to be a member of that online community. We also covered the media topics of ethical censorship, invasion of privacy, and the need for transparency. Another group activity was to examine… Continue reading Media 101 Week 7

Teacher Training

For June, I am in the process of completing 3 Teacher Workshops that are required for NY State Education Department, which are: Child Abuse Recognition & Reporting School Violence & Prevention DASA - Dignity for All Students Act, which includes understanding bullying, harassment and discrimination, including indicators, early warning signs, prevention and intervention and how… Continue reading Teacher Training