Media 101 Week 9

This week’s Media class is learning the in and outs of Public Relations. We covered the topic of rhetoric and how by constructing written or spoken words can be affected by ethos, logos, and pathos, which is persuasion used by an author to convince others to see their viewpoint. For example, a writer can use… Continue reading Media 101 Week 9

MIS Week 1

Tuesday was the 1st day of the semester at Marist College. I am teaching Management Information Systems (MIS), so I will share things I've learn while studying the new material. Our textbook is title: MIS, Managing a Digital Firm authored by the Laudons. One new approach being used by digital firms today is called: Sociotechnical systems… Continue reading MIS Week 1

Lessons Learned

After teaching two sessions of Library Literacy, I learned more about 5 assigned topics from my students, which were: School DropOut Rate, Homeless, Wealth and Inequality, Religion and Law, along with Race and Education. While there was some improvements made, but these issues above are still very relevant in our society today. Most of these… Continue reading Lessons Learned