Media Theory Week 2

This week my Media Theory class is studying the research process. We are looking at what it means to be a critical thinker and writer. Students are learning the importance of doing a literature review, as well as, what are good primary and secondary sources to use for research papers. Chapter #2 - Focus Questions:… Continue reading Media Theory Week 2

The CRAAP Test

My technology classes had the honor of learning more about information literacy by using the CRAAP test this week. The CRAAP test helps a student to determine if any source is good to use for their research papers. The students must decide based on the following criteria: Is the material Current, is it Relevant, by… Continue reading The CRAAP Test

Research Topics

The students will be asked to do a team research project based upon a certain topic that highly affects our society. The five topics include: Homelessness Drop Out Rates Religion and Education Inequality Wealth The featured photo below is of the five scholarly books that will be distributed to the teams as part of their… Continue reading Research Topics