A Prayer for Hurricane Isaias

For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy - Psalms 61:3. Join me in praying for those in the path of Hurricane Isaias. Heavenly Father, We uplift those in the path of Hurricane Isaias to You. We ask for your shield of protection upon your people from the raging floodwaters. Remove… Continue reading A Prayer for Hurricane Isaias

Hills and Valleys

Are you stuck in a valley? Life is usually great while we are sitting on top of a hill and then without warning, you can fall into a deep valley of despair. Valleys are often dark and scary it can seem like there is no way out. May these Bible verses teach you to to… Continue reading Hills and Valleys

Shelter from this Storm

Are you in the middle of a storm? We learn early on that life isn't fair nor does always go our way. The reality of life is that it can often be difficult and hard at times. The Bible teaches us that we will go through trials and tribulations in life. Here are verses to… Continue reading Shelter from this Storm

Praying for the Midwest

Let us join together in praying for those in the path of the recent tornados moving across the country. Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. Psalm 107:28. Heavenly Father, We come to You with open hearts. We especially uplift the Midwest residents who have been displaced due… Continue reading Praying for the Midwest

Snow Days

Yeah, winter has officially arrived just in time for a 3 day weekend for students. The snowstorm is only a few inches, but the top layer is icy due to sleet and freezing rain this afternoon. Do you remember trying to make a snowman, or laying in freshly fallen snow to create snow angels, or… Continue reading Snow Days

Fully Rely On God

Growing up summer nights in the country meant time to catch lightning bugs, making smores around the campfire, and listening to the chorus of the wildlife in the woods. Lately, the craziest thing is the big frog who hops in my pool to go swimming. Please don't worry we saved the frog every time, so… Continue reading Fully Rely On God