College Mottos

As an adjunct professor I like to read up on a college’s mission statement, as well as, their motto. I find them interesting and relevant to the school’s core foundation. While this might seem trivial to some, I find it gives a teacher insight to the beliefs of the college. One can decide whether they’ll… Continue reading College Mottos

Jesus is the Cure

This Sunday’s sermon was from Isaiah 59. The Bible verse that stood out to me was verse 21, where God informs us of the His new covenant and that Holy Spirit lives within us. Ever since Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden, we live in a fallen world and therefore, we… Continue reading Jesus is the Cure

MIS Week 1

Tuesday was the 1st day of the semester at Marist College. I am teaching Management Information Systems (MIS), so I will share things I've learn while studying the new material. Our textbook is title: MIS, Managing a Digital Firm authored by the Laudons. One new approach being used by digital firms today is called: Sociotechnical systems… Continue reading MIS Week 1

Tablets in Prisons

Recently, I learned that some N.Y. prisoners now have access to JPay's Lantern tablets. Some people agree that technology is helping behavior of prisoners and some would prefer to restrict inmates from having anything. I like to share the benefits of technology in prisons. It is a proven fact that education reduces recidivism rate. Many… Continue reading Tablets in Prisons

What’s the Right Question?

Yesterday I attended a teacher conference at Mercy College. The guest speaker was Andrew Minigan from Right Questions We did a fun group activity to learn how to ask the right questions as a teacher to their students. We learned to ask both closed short answer questions and open ended questions in order to… Continue reading What’s the Right Question?

Survived 1st Day

Yes, I survived the 1st day of the semester! I have lots of new students to get to know and new material to teach. Students are getting settled in and they're anxious to learn. So far, despite a few glitches here and there, we are off to a great start. Ways to survive being a… Continue reading Survived 1st Day

Taking A Timeout

For the last week of summer, I am taking a break from social media and blogging. I need to focus on setting up several classes for the Fall Semester. I am looking forward to teaching other courses this year and at a couple different campuses. Praying for a good year with new students, faculty and… Continue reading Taking A Timeout

Library Literacy Day 1

Do you like learning new things? The local library and the internet is filled with tons of information, but how does one find disseminate content quickly for a research paper? Today, is Day 1 of Library Literacy at Shawangunk Correctional Facility via Hudson Link for Higher Education and SUNY Ulster Community College. I am super… Continue reading Library Literacy Day 1

Library Literacy

In August, I will be teaching two classes of Library Literacy 111 inside Shawangunk Correctional Facility for Hudson Link for Higher Education via SUNY Ulster. I am so thankful for faculty staff at SUNY Ulster Community College for giving me the opportunity to teach something different. Especially grateful for the library staff for making the… Continue reading Library Literacy

Rain Down

Lately, in the northeast the weather, it’s been raining nearly every day. This past month it feels like we are stuck inside Noah's Ark. Yet, the rain brings forth growth for the harvest. The constant rain reminds me of this Bible verse: Rain down, you heavens, from above, And let the skies pour down righteousness; Let… Continue reading Rain Down