Web Design Week 13

This week in my web design classes, I covered other marketing tools like blogging, infographics, and mashup videos, so students will understand why these features are good to include into a website. We also discussed the importance of search engine optimization, usability testing, and website maintenance. Lastly, we talked about the steps for the life… Continue reading Web Design Week 13

Text Editors & FTP Apps

Since I am teaching the same web design course for 3 colleges this semester I need to make sure certain programs work. Obviously, each college has a computer lab that is different from other. Tonight’s art class explored Text editors and File Transfer Protocol applications in the Marist College’s Steel Plant Mac lab. Part of… Continue reading Text Editors & FTP Apps

Fall 2020 Week 7

This week is midterms at Marist College, so I am letting digital toolbox and technology students take their test remotely. Students can then use class time to catch up on any missing design or excel assignments, forums, and quizzes, too. At MSMC, technology students are taking a cumulative concepts test and finished up MS- Word… Continue reading Fall 2020 Week 7

The Case of the Disappearing Student

Not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. Hebrews 10:25. Students greatly miss campus life, friends, and fun. Many students are fearing the uncertainty of the rest of their educational journey, as well as, what is the… Continue reading The Case of the Disappearing Student

Be Strong in the Lord!

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might - Ephesians 6:10. I trying to wrap my head around the fact that thousands are dying not just in NY, but across our great nation, and around the world. I am perplexed questioning what is God’s purpose, as to why He is… Continue reading Be Strong in the Lord!

Screen Time

How much time online is too much? This week my classes are studying digital communication with students by reviewing the guidelines of net etiquette and the importance of using it. My students prefer Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter over Facebook. The students taught me today how to view how much time an individual spends online via… Continue reading Screen Time

Wednesday Wisdom

Are you wiser than a year ago? A few months ago? Or a few weeks ago? We are to seek godly counsel, listen to those who are wiser, and adhere to instruction. Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future. -Proverbs 19:20. As a teacher you want your students… Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom

Programming Languages

This week in class we will be studying various computer programming languages. While there are several both open source and proprietary software to choose from, the System Design Lifecycle (SDLC) is the same. Learn SDLC in 9 Minutes Video The 4 main questions any IT programmer should ask before selecting what program language to use:… Continue reading Programming Languages

Blackboard Training

What is Blackboard? It's a far cry from what our grandparents had to use, but basically, it is digital educational classroom software. As a teacher, you can communicate via email students, setup announcements, create quizzes, discussion boards, post presentations or videos for learning purposes, and collaborate all online. As a student, you can login remotely… Continue reading Blackboard Training

Electronic Spreadsheets

This week the class will be starting to learn MS-Excel, as we finished learning the basics of MS- Word. I thought it be interesting to share with the class a Ted Talk by Dan Bricklin, who actually created the first electronic spreadsheet. The video stresses the importance of creating prototype when designing new ideas to… Continue reading Electronic Spreadsheets