Operating Systems

In week 5, the class is studying different operating systems that are required for a computer to work, such as MS-Windows, Linux, or Mac OS 10. They're also being taught about how to protect a computer using various utility programs like antivirus software, as well as, how to use Microsoft Windows's built-in features that are… Continue reading Operating Systems

Application Software

For week 4, students are learning about different types of applications software that are used in various industries and what are the basic requirements for it to run on a computer system. Basically, there are two types of software, which are Open Source and Closed Source, which is known as Proprietary software. Let's define terms:… Continue reading Application Software

Walk The Talk

Are you the type of person that must be able to see things happen to believe something will really work? We are living in difficult times with darkness hiding in the shadows. It is so easy to fall into a pattern of what the world or our friends say is right, instead of avoiding temptation.… Continue reading Walk The Talk

Alpha vs. Beta Testing

Here are last week's marketing questions: What is an Alpha and Beta Test?  What is the difference between the two? Alpha testing is defined as, "In-house testing of a pre-production model or version, to locate or estimate design flaws or deficiencies (Businessdictionary.com, 2018). Beta testing is defined as, "Second level, external pilot-test of a product… Continue reading Alpha vs. Beta Testing