Learning Management Systems

This semester, as you know already that I am teaching at several colleges. Each college uses a different Learning Management System (LMS). A LMS is a software platform that professors and use to digitally communicate lessons to students. Professors use the back end of the LMS to load up content to use in class and… Continue reading Learning Management Systems

7 Tips for Online Students

Are you new college student who hasn’t ever taken an online class before? Or are you an adult student looking to return to college, but in either case you are afraid of what the educational journey would entails? Here are 7 tips for successfully becoming an online student: 1. Ask Questions - If you are… Continue reading 7 Tips for Online Students

Education Matters

Education should matter more. Our government should help college students who have large students loans. It’s one thing to delay the repayment, but the outrageous interest rate delays college students from getting out of debt. The second reason is the amount of money it costs to attend college in the first place. While federal students… Continue reading Education Matters

Learning Moodle

This week I am learning Moodle, which is an open source learning platform like Blackboard for teachers and students. Luckily, MSMC offers online Moodle training courses for new staff. Moodle also integrates with other packages like Zoom and Cengage Mindtap, which both are used to teach technology virtually. Cengage has added 3 new chapters to… Continue reading Learning Moodle

Be Prepared

Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house - Proverbs 24:17. Like the verse above, God suggests that we preplan, so when He calls us we’re ready. In regards to teaching I have started to build my course material this month for the Fall 2020.… Continue reading Be Prepared

Education Matters

There are about 3 weeks left of the semester, so this blog is dedicated to the colleges students and teachers who have had their lives turned upside down due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a adjunct professor I faced the challenge of teaching remotely half the semester, which I enjoyed doing a lot. But remote… Continue reading Education Matters