Media 101 Week 6

This week my media class is learning about interactive media, such as virtual and augmented reality. This chapter mostly covers the history of video games from penny arcades to console tv systems, and the internet brought about online game apps. Our class discussed the types of video games students have played and whether video gaming… Continue reading Media 101 Week 6


What was your favorite board game to play growing up? Mine was either checkers or monopoly. Games help us learn rules and to plan strategies to win, but should games be used in a classroom or in business? First, let's explore define Gamification: Gamification is about transforming the classroom environment and regular activities into a game.… Continue reading Gamification

Relational Databases

This week in class, students will be learning about different types of databases and how to create one. What is a database? and why do we need one? We review an Introduction to MS-Access video and discuss what is a relational database in comparison to a flat type list, which can often cause data redundancy.… Continue reading Relational Databases