Motivational Monday

Yes, I am pumped to be volunteer teaching today! So looking forward to share my knowledge with students at the Hoving Home in NY. We will be using Cengage’s Technology for Success textbook along with new PowerPoints, as they now include digital photos this year. I am so glad that God’s got this! Because nothing… Continue reading Motivational Monday

Servant Leaders

Not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock - 1 Peter 5:3. Day 1 & 2 of summer vacation - goals accomplished extra sleep and joined the ranks of the unemployment line. Next figure out places to apply, but with lock down it’s darn near impossible to find any kind… Continue reading Servant Leaders

Cobol Programmers Wanted!

IBM is looking for Cobol Programmers, so last night I decided to look up some names on LinkedIn, and so we will see what happens. I know that my father, Robert Wisor, worked to develop the COBOL business module. Somebody out there must remember his name, as it would of been a team effort of… Continue reading Cobol Programmers Wanted!

God’s Rainbow Sprinkles

In these times of uncertainty it best to be safe and to stay at home. This can be difficult for many, but it’s the only way to stop the infection. Again, this weekend and today I was reminded how fragile life is, as several people I know have lost someone they loved very much. Today’s… Continue reading God’s Rainbow Sprinkles

Be A Life Saver, Donate Blood!

Today, I am sharing about the plasma treatment because I truly believe along with other scientists and researchers that it will help save lives suffering from the coronavirus. Except, none of it will work without blood donors like yourself. Thirty years ago, I personally saw plasmapheresis treatment work for my family member suffering from GBS,… Continue reading Be A Life Saver, Donate Blood!

Flatten The Curve!

Spring has arrived and it snowed today. Life seems like everything is backwards lately. Our world isn’t flat. However, government leaders want us to flatten the curve, but they don’t want to shut the country’s economy down. People are very sick, thousands jobless, and more will become homeless. Our government knew about the coronavirus back… Continue reading Flatten The Curve!

Our Nation is Under God

Today, I keep hearing very large airplanes in the sky as I write this blog. I hope it’s National Guard at Stewart International Airport bringing medical staff and medical supplies to NYC. I pray for their safety as they serve on the front lines for us. I pray for our nation to strengthen our resolve,… Continue reading Our Nation is Under God

Dogs Dig Technology

We had a blast in class today. We had the honor of meeting IBM Ai Jackie. Her Puppy Raiser, Lorraine Trapani, an IBM Watson executive, came to speak to my Marist College technology students. IBM Ai Jackie was super good in class while Lorraine shared about IBM’s partnership with Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB).… Continue reading Dogs Dig Technology

A Prayer for Nashville

In light of this week’s horrific tornado that destroyed the city of Nashville, TN I offer this blog as a time of prayer. I can’t imagine waking up and basically seeing a beautiful city in ruins by weather catastrophe let alone learning that dozens of people perished due to this storm. Let us join in… Continue reading A Prayer for Nashville

IBM Ai Jackie Pup

I am super excited to announce that I will be having an IBM guest speaker to one of my technology classes this coming Friday at 11am in LIB 303 classroom. I can’t wait to see my students faces light up by having a real live very special and famous puppy in class. Lorraine Trapani is… Continue reading IBM Ai Jackie Pup