How can I serve God

But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you ~ 1 Samuel 12:24. Do you ever feel like serving God is a chore? One article called How can I Serve God by Kristin Postlethwait on Explore God website that I… Continue reading How can I serve God

Why I teach in Prisons

I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me ~ Matthew 25:36 The other day, I came across my father’s certificate from a local prison for his pastoral service. My father often expressed to me that education lowers recidivism… Continue reading Why I teach in Prisons

In Remembrance of MLK

Today, is Martin Luther King day. A great servant leader who stood up against injustice. Thank you, Rev. Dr. King, for what you did for the civil rights movement and education. Everyone is entitled to equality. May future generations learn to volunteer and serve others by your example.

Good Luck Dory!

As a Guiding Eyes for the Blind home socializer, the hardest part is saying goodbye to a puppy on program. The only way I get through returning Dory is knowing that she is going to help someone who is visually impaired one day. I came home to find Shadow napping and looking at me wondering… Continue reading Good Luck Dory!

Home Socializing Dory

Day 2 of home socialzing GEB GSD Puppy Dory. Joys, puppies have a 5am wake-up call. I now appreciate Shadow's 7am wake-up calls a lot more. Dory is a very active pup, but like any 8-week old pup, they do need naps, just like a toddler. Shadow and Dory are having a blast playing together.… Continue reading Home Socializing Dory

My Shadow found Dory!

Welcome Dory to my blog, as I am home socializing her for Guiding Eyes for the Blind this weekend. Dory is 8 weeks old and is the sweetest German Shepherd pup. My dog Shadow is so excited to have a pup to play with, so far they are getting along great. Shadow keeps tabs on… Continue reading My Shadow found Dory!

The Hand of GOD

Update, I had an interview last week at Hudson Link for Higher Education, which is an educational program for inmates. Small world, the gentleman that I interviewed with remembered my Dad from Kiaros Prison Ministry some years ago. What are the odds that someone would remembered my father and his volunteer work? If this is… Continue reading The Hand of GOD

Internet of Things

Because of the invention of the Internet, we now have the term called the ’Internet of Things’, which are basically embedded computers in other technology that we use every day. Internet of Things Video by IBM Academy For example, an automobile with GPS that provides the driver directions in a car, a refrigerator can tell… Continue reading Internet of Things

Baseball Legend #42

Friday night, I had the awesome privilege and honor to dine right next to the newest inductee to the Baseball Hall of Fame Mariano Rivera #42 Yankee Pitcher and his wife. They had just finished up visiting Cooperstown, NY. It turns out they like to eat at Cracker Barrel in Fishkill, NY. Mariano Rivera seems… Continue reading Baseball Legend #42

Computer Basics

The new semester is off to a great start and the students are eager to learn. I learned more about the new computer lab network setup. It uses Classroom Control Management software called, Insight by Faronics. This software allows a teacher to view each students screen at the same time and it remotely lets a… Continue reading Computer Basics