Pray for Change

Pray for colleges to remove the 3 class limit cap; so that adjunct professors like myself could actually make a decent living teaching. Colleges state the cap is due to the Affordable Care Act, which states if you work more than 30 hours at any company, they must provide medical benefits. This cap causes adjunct… Continue reading Pray for Change

Donuts & Dogs

It's take your dog to work day! Shadow and I are going to Marist College Library from 2pm to 4pm today to help students distress during finals. This should be interesting! Shadow loves people, but this will be good practice for her should she ever decide to become a therapy dog for anyone else, besides… Continue reading Donuts & Dogs

Taking A Timeout

For the last week of summer, I am taking a break from social media and blogging. I need to focus on setting up several classes for the Fall Semester. I am looking forward to teaching other courses this year and at a couple different campuses. Praying for a good year with new students, faculty and… Continue reading Taking A Timeout

Live to be a Blessing

Unfortunately, I experienced bullying in a past work environment. Learning what people truly thought of me was very disheartening. Up to now, nobody knows this, but me. Please know that absolutely no one has the right to bully or intimidate others while at work, but it happens daily to employees. It is every manager's job… Continue reading Live to be a Blessing

Thank God For My Destiny

Education is always a wise investment no matter your age, gender, or race because it helps to mold your character, values, and views. The diverse culture of teachers and other students helped me to be more opened-minded when learning, to listen to the expertise of others, and build valuable teamwork skills. The next step for… Continue reading Thank God For My Destiny